Happy Malibu California Family needs Au Pair

Au Pair Wanted:

Do you love horses (We have 6 horses)???? (Ranch photos here)

We are looking for a reliable person who is an excellent driver. We want someone who will be able to stay with us for at least one year. The job involves 1 or 2 hours per day of housework and/or animal chores, 1 hour of driving, one day of watching the children on Saturday or Sunday. The total hours per week are less than 20. We provide a car. We pay $100/week. Occasionally we will ask for some night hours, but in general, your nights are free time as are most hours in the day and 2 days a week. We are very flexible.

My husband and I have been married for10years. We are both 48 years old. John is a physicist and is currently working in San Diego which is 2hours drive from our home. He usually drives down to San Diego on Tuesday mornings and comes back on Thursday night. He also has weeks where he is at home all week and some weeks he is traveling overseas.

This is a picture of Brigand my 8 year old doing her book report at school:


Here are both girls just before they went to a Valentines Party:


And the two of them dressed up for the talent show at their school.


I do internet business at home. I am also writing a book on digital photography. But these days most of my time is taken up with my involvement with my daughter's school.

In our family we like to tell jokes and laugh a lot. Our two lovely girls are going to be 7 and 9 years old in August. They are sweet children and very bright. Briar, our 7 year old, goes to elementary school and will be in second grade this coming September.is in first grade. Our older daughter Brigand, is 8 years old and is in third grade. Both of them are in school 5 days a week. A big part of this job is driving the children to school and picking them up after school so we need someone who is a very safe and careful driver. Our roads are very curvy and the school are about 10 miles from our home.

The job is taking care of the girls. That means taking walks with them, playing with them, reading, helping them on the computer (nothing that requires much computer knowledge) and working with our girls on their reading. But at this age, the help they need is minimal. Both girls are old enough to help with cleaning up their own rooms but are unable to do it without guidance. The job also involves spending one to two hours per day working on cleaning up the house and helping our girls feed and care for animals. The girls can and should help with the housework. The hours are flexible. Sunday and Mondays are free. Occasionally we will ask for night hours but we are always willing to work around your schedule.

We have had many happy au pair experiences since we have had au pairs since Brigand was born (she is now 8 1/2 years old). We have references from our past and current au pairs. We have a wonderful girl right now who would be delighted to tell you about us and the job.

We have a travel trailer that has it's own kitchen bath for you to live in OR you may choose to live in our gurst room in the house. In the past, most au pairs have decided to live in the trailer because they had much more privacy and freedom that way. We provide a computer. A phone will be available for your use.

We live on a ranch in Malibu, which is in Southern California. We have many animals. I have pet chinchillas and also have horses, dogs, birds, sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Our ranch is about 10 minutes driving time to the beach. There are other au pairs in and around Malibu. We do not live in a neighborhood. there are no houses that are close to us. We are adjacent to the Santa Monica Mountains National park so there are thousands of acres of undeveloped land next to my ranch. It is very quiet here. We have a car that is available for you to drive.

We are pretty easy going about rules. Friends visiting are fine. No drugs or drunkenness please. Because of the insurance, you may drive the car, but may not take anyone else in the car with you except those of us in our family. It is OK to have your friends visit as long as everything is kept low key.

The salary is $100/week for 20 hours or less work. We also provide room and board, internet access and your own computer. We are looking for someone that will be able to stay with us for 1-2 years or more. The minimum amount of time that we would consider would be 12 months because we would like our girls to have stability in their relationships. Our girls will love the person that is helping us care for them, and it will be difficult for them to see that person leave. The nanny that we have now is on a tourist visa. She is a terrific person and would be willing to talk to you about the job and the situation.

My hobbies are graphics and internet related things. I also horse back ride I spend quite a bit of time working for the PTA (parent-teacher association) at my girl's school. John works with a company that makes infrared and emission microscopes. Please let me know if there is anything else I can tell you about us or the job.

Cricket Blake
phone 310/457-5177
fax 413/235-6850

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